New Intel phi co-processor released and computing technology advancing rapidly.

Posted: July 11, 2013. At: 11:38 AM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5973
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Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. This is a new innovation from Intel, a co-processor that provides improvements in parallel computing when coupled with the Intel Xeon E5 processor family. This is a device with full support in the Linux kernel. This is typical of the Intel corporation. The Intel core i3 cpu has inbuilt graphics and this is supported out of the box on Linux. This is a useful device to add when considering the construction of a computer to perform intensive computing tasks in a distributed fashion. Even though the most powerful supercomputer that exists right now uses the NVIDA Tesla personal supercomputing GPU cards to gain much extra power, the Intel Phi co-processor is still a worthy addition. The world of computing is moving away from the reliance on fast CPUs and more towards GPU solutions to gain greater computing power. There are applications that can use the computing power of a GPU to crack passwords, this is easier than using the system CPU to do all of the work. There is a guide here that explains how to do password cracking on Linux with the hashcat tools:

This is the good thing about the technology that we have now, we have the ability to crack things that previously we could not in a reasonable time-frame. Linux password cracking tools have been around for a while, but the ability to use the power of a GPU to speed up the processing of the password hash makes the whole process much faster indeed. Ever since the invention of the microprocessor by Intel in 1973, the computing power available to humanity has been increasing exponentially and it is true that the space taken up by large computers is getting quite large, the massive NSA data centre that stores yottabytes of data, this is an incredible amount of storage space, all of the E-Mail and text messages sent by citizens in the united states. The Facebook data centres that store the profile data of all of the users of the social network is also a massive data store, not the most secure one in terms of privacy when using the social network, but this is the result of having a website containing content uploaded by users. This will grow massively when the available bandwidth the common person in their home is increased with the roll out of Google Fiber. This will allow more users to upload high-definition video and large resolution photos. This will in turn require even more storage space. But if the NSA can store yottabytes of user data, then Facebook should be able to manage this too.

We have the brave new world envisioned in science fiction right now, the ability to carry around a pocket telephone and computer that can browse a global Internet and look up any term in seconds, listen to a few seconds of a song and tell you the name of it, and send photos and text to a website profile with hardly any effort. That truly is amazing, we could not have imagined that in the past, although the 1933 movie The Tunnel depicted a future with in-flight video calling and giant information screens that could be used for video conferencing over intercontinental distances. That movie was not the best, but the depiction of the massive tunnel was incredible. Of course today we can use live streams to watch movies and watch the Zimmerman trial, but the quality is sometimes underwhelming. But the ability to do this is incredible. Better than the early days of the 56K dial-up modem. That allowed you to download poor quality Realplayer video clips of your favourite television shows. Now we can download 1080p quality blue-ray videos. Even 50 gigabyte blue-ray ISO images, these will hammer your bandwidth for the month for sure.but this is available if you want it. And there is a torrent of the Yahoo Geocities websites that is 641.32 gigabytes. This is the largest torrent I have ever seen and it had only 1 seed and 6 leechers. So how long would it take to download it all?

But the largest torrent ever is a 746.70 GB collection of all 2010 World Cup soccer matches. With 6 gigabytes of data taken up by each half of the game, this is an impressive torrent. With the cheap price of a 3 gigabyte hard disk and fast Internet, this is achievable, but that depends on the number of seeds. I guess someone could put together all of the James Bond movies and the entire series of the avengers and The Baron, as well as the whole mission impossible series as well as Spyforce and create an impressive torrent. The original mission impossible series is very well done. They take on missions that no one else can tackle. And the Avengers is a classic series from the golden ages of television; before it went down the toilet with Honey Boo Boo and American Idol. I have heard that a 14 terabyte torrent might be coming out soon, that would require a RAID array to fit all of the data. And there could even be one that is a couple of petabytes. That would require a huge investment in time to get all of the data downloaded and where would you store it all?

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