New Hellraiser film not so good.

Posted: September 8, 2011. At: 10:01 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 1933
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I have switched to a better theme framework for my WordPress page. I am going to leave this as the default look as the theme is not as narrow as some of the WordPress themes I have tried, the proper menu on the left makes this easy to navigate and I think it looks rather good. My forums have had some posts, but I would like some more people to get in there and post more questions about any computer problems they may be having, then we can build a thriving Linux community site. Being a good fan of the Hellraiser movies and having seen Hellraiser 1,2,3,4,6 I was initially excited to hear about the fact they are making yet another Hellraiser movie, but if Doug Bradley will not be reprising his role as the lead Cenobite the movie will not be the same at all. Clive Barker has disowned this film and has clearly stated that nothing in this ninth incarnation of the Hellraiser franchise came from him at all.

Reading the description of what happens in the film on the Wikipedia page it sounds to me like a very poor film, rather like Hellraiser 5,6,7. But these days they are not really making any new movies only re-making old ones over and over. I wish they would make a proper Doom movie, but I have heard that they wanted to re-make the classic Australian film Mad Max in a film named Fury Road. This comment is the most fitting I could find to describe this whole situation. The re-make of Clash of the Titans sucked as well, the mechanical talking owl was not in the film, and the whole point of the film was just to show off CGI. The original Hellraiser film is still the best version of the Hellraiser series and the most frightening film, same with the Nightmare on Elm Street movie, which did not need a 2010 re-make. Although the many sequels to Nightmare on Elm Street were not that bad in my opinion and had many cool death scenes. The thing about fighting someone in a dream is that anything can happen and even solid rock steps can become a bog sucking your feet in and making the climb very difficult. Why is it so hard for modern moviemakers to create true horror movies any more? The modern films like SAW are just killing people with machines and gore, but they have no real horror elements.

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