New exploit targeting Internet Explorer 9.0 and earlier. A good reason to apt-get install firefox instead.

Posted: September 18, 2012. At: 9:19 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4577
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Windows in a box where it belongs...
Windows in a box where it belongs…

A new zero-day exploit in the wild that targets the Internet Explorer 9.0 and earlier releases is making the rounds. This is another reason to not depend on closed source software if you can help it. I have tried running Windows 8 and then Windows 7 exclusively the last few days and it was not an enjoyable experience to say the least. The updates can not be installed whilst the system is up and running; you have to shut down to be able to install any updates. That is BS, Linux can install updates whilst the system is running, you do not need to shut down to update any system packages. You do need to re-boot to see the updates to the GNU Libc and the new kernels that are installed; but other than that you can have the system running for weeks on end. That is the advantage of running an open-source kernel and the associated software that makes up the Linux operating system that we love to use. Windows 8 is horrendous; it has a new and pretty useful Powershell, but the Metro start screen and the fact that is Windows is a good reason to use Linux Mint and the MATE desktop instead.

Backtrack Linux and an Internet Explorer exploit being used.
Backtrack Linux and an Internet Explorer exploit being used.

There is information about an Internet Explorer vulnerability here: this one is used by bypassing the DEP protection in Windows and allowing the malicious code to run. Windows 8 is also vulnerable to a Flash exploit as it is built into the Internet Explorer browser and the only solution is to download Firefox and use that instead. Or Ubuntu 12.04. That would also be a good solution. Just type sudo apt-get install build-essentials ubuntu-restricted-extras and you are ready to go with watching DVDs and your Xvid movies. The Windows 8 operating system does not seem to support watching television as I can using me-tv on Linux Mint 13. And an even uglier interface than the old Windows XP Luna theme. That and the rolling hills wallpaper was not the best desktop design ever. The old OpenSUSE wallpapers with the green lizard were far prettier.

SUSE knew how to design a more secure and gorgeous desktop environment.

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