New Alienware desktop released with the Ubuntu distribution installed. This will be one powerful beast.

Posted: April 6, 2013. At: 11:42 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5557
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The Alienware X51 PC with Ubuntu.
The Alienware X51 PC with Ubuntu.

The new Alienware X51 with Ubuntu preinstalled will be a good choice for anyone who wants a superfast gaming machine that is also very portable and relatively light. The fact that Steam is now available for Linux makes this perfect time to adopt the Linux platform for your gaming needs. Linux is perfectly capable of running many games and it does not require product keys and online activation before you can use it like Windows does. The new cloud based Windows 8 operating system is also capable of running games fairly well; but Linux has more security and can also have a wide range of desktop environments to suit the user. These Ubuntu powered Alienware desktops start at only $599.00. There is a top of the line Ubuntu 12.04 powered system available that uses an Intel Core i7 processor and would be more than capable of running any modern game: Core i7 system.. The fact that these systems run Ubuntu with such good system specifications is incredible. You could install a lighter desktop environment like Xfce4 with this command: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop. Then your system would be even faster than before.

That is why you should be using Linux on the desktop instead of Windows; Linux gives you the right to run whatever you want and you are not required to install virus scanners and malware checkers to protect your system that load it down and reduce your gaming performance. You could run AwesomeWM or SpectreWM and use a superfast tiling window manager to manage your desktop if you do not like Unity. Especially with the Amazon integration that has been put into the search function and the reporting of everything you search for to Amazon. But if you want a fully featured desktop with a lovely Amazon wallpaper; then you could use Kubuntu instead. The KDE 4.8 or 4.9 desktop is amazing and well worth installing if you wish to use something more like Windows. And you can install a nice theme that makes your mouse cursor look like the Alienware theme: Alienware Invader KDE mouse theme. If you want to setup MATE or Gnome Shell on your machine there is a fully featured Alienware theme for Gnome GTK here: This will make any Alienware Linux machine look awesome.

Get a nice selection of Alienware wallpapers here:

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