NDAA bill currently before congress and some hope of defeating the bill.

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The American Congress are currently debating the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill that will allow indefinite detention of American citizens. This means that any United States Citizen accused of terrorism will be indefinitely imprisoned, meaning that the Homeland is becoming a third world police state. Will they get the Stasi and have jackbooted SS officers asking people for their papers? The people are giving up their essential liberties for freedom, they will have none of the freedoms that they enjoyed in the formerly free United States. The majority of the people in America are brainwashed and ignorant, they are immersed in American Idol and brain-rotting reality television that only causes the population to sink further into depravity. Shows like According to Jim and Modern Family are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of comedy. funniest home videos is not too far away from Ow my Balls! It is just people being injured and only makes people deliberately injure people to make a funniest video.

Is that what the founding fathers really wanted for America when the country was created? A nation drowning in ignorance. And the London 2012 Olympics will have troops patrolling with sonic cannons as well as the supersonic anti-aircraft missiles mounted on the roofs of buildings around the Olympic stadium to protect the games from attack. What are they expecting? They should put all of the WW2 barrage balloons back up and have even more protection from a hijacked aircraft. That would be very nostalgic for the older Londoners. And they are preventing visitors to the games from taking unauthorized photographs at the events. This is due to the commercial obligations of advertisers that would prefer to be displayed favorably by approved media outlets. That is the reality these days. The fun is taken out of the Olympic games by the officials that want to protect their interests and defend against terrorists at the expense of those lucky enough to go to the games. But with the NDAA bill in Congress at the moment, the indefinite detention of American citizens is now a reality.

According to this article, the bill has had a preliminary injunction put against it by a Federal judge. This does not mean the bill is history, but it goes to show that there are still some people in the nation states with a modicum of sense. The full article is linked here: http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/05/16/46550.htm.


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