Movie theater staff to wear NVG goggles to fight against movie piracy.

Posted: September 24, 2015. At: 9:19 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 8387
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Camrip movie quality...
Camrip movie quality…
Movie theater staff are planning to wear military styled night vision googles to fight against movie piracy. This will allow them to see anyone who is using a camera to film a movie and create a camprip to upload to a movie sharing website. This is in Britain. But if someone uses a camera flash the staff could be blinded. All this in the fight against piracy. But someone who is filming the movie is still a paying customer. You could film the movie with a camera hidden in a popcorn box with a hole in it. This is the way you could conceivably get away with it. Better to just buy a copy or wait for a better quality webrip or screener copy. The screen in the cinema is quite bright and if you adjusted the goggles to suit, then they would not be much better than normal human vision. And a camrip copy of a movie is quite horrible anyway. With heads popping up and people talking through the film, why subject yourself to this?

This would not be something they would be doing for a long time, just to try and scare people away from piracy. But making a camrip of a film just to be the first to leak it onto the Internet is hardly something to brag about. The quality is abysmal. A TS or webrip is better. There was a screener rip of the live-action attack on Titan that was actually very good, but if you waited for a 1080p Blu-ray rip then you will be even happier. Or if you bought the movie. Elysium looks absolutely stunning in 1080p when they show the space station. The quality of the rendering of Elysium is amazing. To compare with the screenshot of the camrip above, here is a 1080p Elysium screenshot from a Blu-ray: Take that camprip fans!

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