More awesome GTK and WM themes for your Linux desktop.

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Window manager themes.

RISC styled WM theme for Xfce4:

GTK themes.

Mac OS Classic theme for Xfce4:

Mac OS classic GTK2 theme:

Plane GTK:

Classic 95 Windows `95 theme for MATE and Gnome:

How to create a look-alike Windows XP desktop using IceWM:

Windows 3.1 theme for Xfce4:

Windows 8.1 GTK theme for MATE and Gnome:

RiscOS GTK theme:

OpenBSD UNIX desktop.
OpenBSD UNIX desktop.

Fitts Metacity theme:


Comet landing wallpaper courtesy of the New York Times:

Another awesome shot of the comet that the spacecraft has landed on:

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