Monitorix, a nice monitoring tool for Linux systems.

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To install this very useful Linux monitoring tool on your Linux system, firstly add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.lst file.

deb generic universe

Then download the required GPG key for the apt packages.


And then add this GPG key to apt.

jason$ sudo apt-key add izzysoft.asc

Then we are ready to install the software packages.

sudo apt install monitorix

This will setup the software and start the required services to get it working. Now just visit http://localhost:8080/monitorix and the Monitorix page will open.

Monitorix main page.
Monitorix main page.

There is not much data yet, but this does work for me now.

Monitorix graphs. showing some data.
Monitorix graphs. showing some data.

This would be an invaluable server management tool. This is also available over the LAN, enabling someone on a mobile phone or tablet to access the page and see information about the machine at a glance. This is very easy to install and setup, making this a valuable tool to add to a Linux server machine.

Monitorix gathering some data.
Monitorix gathering some data.



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