Miscellaneous computing tips for Gnome Shell and Google Chromium browser users.

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For users of Adblock Plus with the Chromium web browser, and Firefox as well, if you enter the URL below as a filter, this will block all Facebook advertisements from showing. Facebook advertisements are usually used by scammers and they are rarely useful compared to the superior Adwords Google ads.


The code above is a nice Adblock Plus filter that will block those huge Facebook Timeline images, this will help any users who wish to save bandwidth. And although the new Timeline is a good way to show off your cool graphics, it is also annoying, like the new Youtube channel design. But this screenshot of the Windows 8 RTM desktop is an even uglier design. What the heck is this supposed to be? This is the style of desktop that looks even worse than the Windows 7 basic theme.

Windows 8 RTM desktop. This is ugly compared to Gnome Shell and KDE.
Windows 8 RTM desktop. This is ugly compared to Gnome Shell and KDE.

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