Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has retired as company faces needed shake-up. This is a sign of the future.

Posted: August 25, 2013. At: 1:26 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6164
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Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft; has retired in a move that could spark the further decline of Microsoft. The company that released the controversial Windows 8 operating system with the touch interface is in dire need of new leadership. This company is in danger of becoming irrelevant if they do not rethink their approach to their software. The security of Windows has always been a concern compared to other operating systems such as OpenBSD, Linux and Macintosh OS. They need to work on that and improve the quality of the software by making it more trustworthy. Needing to install third-party anti-virus software in 2013 is ridiculous in this day and age, the software alone should be secure enough without needing other companies to pick up the slack that Microsoft should be able to handle on their own. That is what a software company should be about. They should be able to ship an operating system that is perfectly secure on its own. You should not need Norton security software or AVG that only slows down your computer. Nearly 13 years after the release of Windows XP and they are still relying on other companies to protect their own operating system. That is shameful. The future lies in other operating systems that have greater security and reliability at the heart of their design. The UNIX operating systems such as OpenBSD and FreeBSD are much more secure than Windows.

The fact that Microsoft has failed when releasing Windows 8 is a sign of the future. They need to invent something else that is actually appealing to the consumers and that they actually want to use on the desktop. A silly tiled interface is not something that users enjoy using, it is quite a stretch from the classic Windows Start menu. That is why Linux is becoming even more popular on the desktop. The future is hopefully in open-source software and not some abomination released by Redmond WA.

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