Magazines now available in the Ubuntu 12.10 dash search results.

Posted: November 2, 2012. At: 11:30 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4793
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Magazines available for download shown in the Ubuntu 12.10 dash.
Magazines available for download shown in the Ubuntu 12.10 dash.

The Ubuntu 12.10 dash now has magazines appearing in the online search results as well as the usual music albums and application packages available for download. This is a good thing if you are interested in purchasing a magazine and downloading it. I assume that the magazines are PDF copies that you pay for and then download to read at your leisure. This is a good thing; if you turn off the online search results you still get some in your dash; so not all of the online search results are opt-out. But the Ubuntu 12.10 distribution is very good though; all of the packages work very well indeed. The me-tv digital television viewer works perfectly in Ubuntu Quantal; this is a package that I had a lot of problems with in Linux Mint 13; but with this distribution I just install it and it works perfectly. That is what I like about Ubuntu. Despite the controversy about the Amazon integration; the overall distribution is very polished. This gives a good impression if you can just install the distribution; and start installing software right away that will work perfectly right out of the box.

The me-tv software running on Ubuntu 12.10.
The me-tv software running on Ubuntu 12.10.

That is how a Linux distribution should work; no need to spend hours on the Internet messing around with Google scrolling page after page looking for a forum posting that contains just the information you are looking for. I recommend installing the smplayer package if you wish to be able to play your movies easily; that is a very good movie player application. For playing music; the Banshee package is the best music player; the default Rhythmbox player is alright; but Banshee shows all of your album art and that is something I really like. I was looking for a command for Linux that would work the same way as the ipconfig /flushdns command in Windows but it seems that there is no such command for Linux. I guess that is a good thing. There is some information here: The way it works in Linux is that Ubuntu by default does not have a DNS cache; but you may install one using this command.

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install nscd

This will install a DNS caching daemon; then you may type sudo service nscd restart to refresh the DNS cache. But it is better to perform this task in your browser settings. Windows has this capability; but Linux is better in that regard. And it gets less viruses too.

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