Lovely wallpapers for the KDE 4.11 Linux desktop.

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Cuba for cuban. Cuba for cuban. A lovely 2560*1600 resolution wallpaper.

Clouds on sunset. Clouds on sunset. This is a lovely sunset wallpaper. A widescreen wallpaper suitable for multiple monitors. I just wish that KDE 4.11 would let you span wallpapers. Gorgeous foggy forest wallpaper. This one is awesome.

Monochrome long exposure waterfall photograph:

Awesome bridge waterfall photograph: 8960*3657 pixels.

Gotham City skyline wallpaper: This is a nice wide wallpaper.

Gotham City skyline.

Lovely long exposure of the Brisbane river at night. This is an incredible photograph. Click the image below to view the full sized image. This is my favorite wallpaper out of all of the photographs that I have linked to in this posting. I love taking long exposure pictures and there are a few I will link to in this post below.

Long exposure of the river flowing at night:

Some awesome dual and quad monitor wallpapers for your Linux desktop.

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