Lovely GTK themes for your Linux Mint and Ubuntu desktop.

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Some lovely GTK themes and wallpapers for your Linux desktop.

MediterraneanNight Series 2.03:

Themes Collection (Ubuntu/Linux Mint): A huge theme collection for Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

GNOME Shell: Nord 1.8: A very popular Gnome Shell theme.

Nord theme.

Mintyfresh Cinnamon-theme 0.3: A lovely green Cinnamon theme.

Malys Inversio:

Ambiance Chrunchy: This is the Ambiance theme for your Linux desktop. This is for Openbox as well as Unity and Gnome Shell.

Lucidity 3.0 beta: The lovely Lucidity theme for a Gnome desktop.


Green hills and river wallpaper:

Artistic wheat field:

Awesome F14 jet fighter wallpaper:

Patagonia glacier wallpaper:

A recently ploughed field:

Metacity themes.

Fitts 0.3:

Windows 8.1 Modern UI metacity theme:

Win95 1.0: A Windows `95 metacity theme:

Blended 1.6:

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