Linux Nvidia drivers not working too well in Ubuntu 15.04.

Posted: September 3, 2015. At: 10:24 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 8340
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The Nvidia drivers I am using with my Nvidia GT 740 are not working too well at the moment. I have to use nomodeset to get the desktop to come up. That is very annoying when the card works perfectly on Windows. That really needs to be fixed, Ubuntu is not a proper contender for the desktop if the drivers are not up to spec. If there were good open source drivers released for the Nvidia and ATI hardware, this would not happen. Maybe I should just run Linux in a VM instead. When I was using my Radeon card, the free drivers worked perfectly. It is a shame it is not the same on Nvidia. The same problem occurs on Kali Linux 2.0 when trying to get the FGLRX drivers to install. Why is this so difficult? This is apparently a common problem on Linux distributions. Disappointing when the user wants to enjoy an accelerated Linux desktop and they are greeted with a black screen.

As I said, this is why we need good open-source drivers for Linux instead of having to wrangle with binary drivers. I am also having a problem on Kali Linux 2.0 with a HD6670 card. I installed a 4.2 Linux kernel using this guide I wrote and I am having the problem that the include/linux/version.h file is missing and I cannot build the ATI Catalyst drivers against the kernel. That is very annoying when this should just work. This used to be a lot easier with older releases of Linux, now it is so difficult to get anything working. That is why I should just use Windows 2012 to do GPU cracking instead of Linux. It would be more of a guarantee that the hardware drivers will actually work. I am reinstalling Kali Linux version 2.0 and I will try again to get the ATI Catalyst drivers installed, but this is very frustrating. All I wanted to do is run oclHashcat to attempt cracking of WPA2 hashes for an ethical hacking competition and I have all these problems.

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