Linux Mint website compromised once again. This website is really insecure.

Posted: December 30, 2016. At: 12:51 PM. This was 11 months ago. Post ID: 10134
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The Linux Mint website has been compromised once again. This means that if you download a Linux Mint ISO, it would not be safe to use until this is fixed. The information is here: This is not a good look for this Linux distribution. That is why I am using Fedora Core 25 instead as the Fedora community run a more professional establishment and the distribution is higher quality. NSA Selinux provides a lot of security as well as up to date kernels.

Had a good password on the database though, but that does not matter if it is easily accessible by a simple attacker who can access the website`s files and get the db-config.php file. Website is still going though, so I guess they have not bothered to announce this. I am sure it has been fixed by now, but the fact that this can happen at all is concerning. Hopefully Clem will fix his security eventually. He is using Securi proxy, but a lot of directories on his website are still accessible when they should not be at all. Hiring a penetration tester to check his website would be a good idea.

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