Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Cinnamon Desktop

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1 – What is Linux Mint:
Linux Mint is an operating system designed to work on most modern systems, including two typical systems x86 and x64 . Linux Mint can be thought of as similar to Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and another copy of Linux. Linux Mint is also designed to work with other operating systems (including operating systems listed above) and can automatically set environment “dual boot” or “multi-boot” (where the user to select the operating system you want to use) when installing it. It is a great operating system for individuals and for companies.
Linux Mint is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Linux Mint has more features that Ubuntu does not have as many pre-installed software, including the software is not open source like Java , Adobe Flash , audio and video codecs, Microsoft’s basic fonts are installed… , and some software created by Linux Mint, as mintInstall , mintUpdate, mintNanny, .. Also, Linux Mint has many other preinstalled apps like LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, GIMP, Transmission, XChat …etc. This desktop is better to watch online TV services likeĀ sky phone number.
2 – Software developed by Linux Mint
Cinnamon: a work environment based on GNOME Shell.
MintInstall: program management software.
MintMenu: a menu with functional improvements, remove and installed software, software search …
MintNanny: program block domain name on the system, which in Linux Mint from version 6 onwards.
mintUpload: upload manager.
MintBackup: backup tools, list files and installed software.
MintUpdate: system update tool, functional safety assessment of the update package.
MintWelcome: welcome screen of Linux Mint, including links to the home page of Linux Mint, Linux Mint forums, where download manuals, some tips …
MintDesktop, installation tools in the desktop version of GNOME 2 and MATE.
mintConstructor, used to modify the Linux Mint install disk, for developers, not pre-set but can be downloaded from the software channel.
– Mint Gnome Shell Extension (MGSE) is a number of extensions for GNOME Shell to bring a number of features in GNOME 2, but not in GNOME 3. MGSE has stopped development, instead Cinnamon.
3 – Linux Mint 16
– Dubbed is “Petra” , Linux Mint 16 will end after six months of hard work, providing users with the latest open source technology and best of Linux, such as Cinnamon 2.0 environment depending Desktop and powerful processing, as well as lightweight compact size, “Old-school MATE 1.8 desktop environment. Linux Mint 16 is the most ambitious release since the project inception.
– The new components in Linux Mint 16 : MDM , Driver Manager, Software Sources, Mate 1.6 , Software Manager , System Improvement, Artwork Improvements , Upstream Components .
– Being based on Ubuntu 13:10 and is supported by the Linux kernel 3:11, Linux Mint 16 comes with 2.0 Cinnamon that provides lots of new features, including screen savers and a unified Control Centre. MATE 1.6 is significantly improved, the login screen can be themed in HTML5 are also two new tools “Software Sources” and “Driver Manager”, this is the first feature to appear on Linux. MDM (Mint Display Manager) 1.4, USB Stick Formatter 1.4 tools new, better support EFI, faster boot time, better support for Steam, improved management software, support for iOS devices immediately, improving management updates, and updated over nuclear safety.
– The artwork has also been improved in the development version of Linux Mint 16, carries a theme Mint-X updated with better support for GTK3, window borders antialiasing polished, well as new icons and a collection of great wallpapers from artists and photographers different. Cinnamon version theme includes three very impressive: Linux Mint, Mint-X and Cinnamon.

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