Linux kernel 3.4 gives a good speed boost and Macintosh malware.

Posted: April 16, 2012. At: 5:22 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 3144
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The Linux kernel 3.4-rc2 seems to have given Debian quite a speed boost, the performance of my machine, and the boot time seems to have been improved over the 3.3 kernel I was running before. This is a good sign, the Linux kernel needs more speed and performance to make it even more appealing on the desktop, Windows 8 will be coming out soon with all new features, hopefully a reliance on the secure boot feature will not be one of the requirements of new operating systems for a while. The Windows 8 Metro interface, that is quite reminiscent of the Idiocracy computer interface seen in the hospital scene, surely will not be taken seriously by anyone with any brains. The Linux distributions that are available on the Internet have many varied desktop interfaces that may be used and they do not use the moronic Metro tiles. With the Metro interface, the Windows operating system is regressing to a shell of its former self, Google Android has a better interface than the dumbed down WP7 and Windows 8 interface. The Linux kernel, being open-source is far more secure than the closed source Windows operating system that is prone to viruses and Malware in spades. Macintosh OS, formerly not targeted by viruses due to the smaller market share compared to the Windows platform, now the UNIX based Macintosh operating system has joined Windows as a vulnerable OS.

VET Anti-Virus manual for DOS.
VET Anti-Virus manual for DOS.

it is a pity that an operating system based on the secure UNIX Darwin base is so vulnerable, but any operating system can be susceptible to viruses as this website shows, the ELF x86 virus writing guide for Linux operating systems. The Apple computers are becoming more and more popular, therefore there is a greater amount of people that are potential targets for the Malware that is being spread around, some of it does not even need user interaction to infect a Macintosh machine. You can run Linux on a Macintosh, this would be more secure than the closed source Macintosh operating system that is prone to more virus and Malware infections than open source operating systems. OpenBSD is open source and has only two remote exploits in all the time it has been in use. The flashback Malware for Macintosh has caused the Apple corporation to take security more seriously and  forced them to issue a Malware removal tool to repair systems infected with the Malware program. Linux has a smaller market share than Apple or Windows, therefore there are not the same security issues seen on Windows or Macintosh. The Windows operating system has always been targeted by authors of countless viruses and malicious programs ever since the DOS days, you have required anti-virus programs to keep your system safe. The old VET anti-virus for DOS was always a good choice.

And I think that looks like a Doom Cacodemon on the cover of that VET user manual. The writers must have been Doom fans. The VET anti-virus utility was very slim and fast when it was running, today the anti-malware and anti-virus software is bloated and slow especially the notorious Norton 360 software for Windows that slows down your computer and takes up a ludicrous amount of RAM. The fault lies with the Microsoft Windows software for requiring the security solutions from a third party instead of the operating system coming with security features out of the box. The Norton 360 software is not the best solution and I have found that Microsoft Security Essentials is better than the paid software. Microsoft Security Essentials is easy to install on Windows 8, but that operating system in the Consumer Preview has too many bugs for my liking. I hope that no Linux distribution implements a Metro styled desktop that looks like the Windows 8 Metro design. That would be a disaster, and would horrify any sane person. Gnome 3 works perfectly on Debian Testing and is perfectly fine as a desktop, we do not need the tiles interface.

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