Linux in Arma 3! A tiling window manager on a laptop in the game.

Posted: January 15, 2015. At: 8:28 PM. This was 3 years ago. Post ID: 8017
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Linux laptop in Arma 3.
Linux laptop in Arma 3.

This is a laptop in Arma 3 that can be placed as an in-game decoration. This is running Linux! Apparently the military dumped Windows after the collapse of Microsoft in 2035. This is a good sign. Linux would be better and more reliable in the field compared to Windows anyway. I wonder what kernel version they are running in 2035? The laptop is using the Metacity window manager with a screen session running within it. Does not look like a very rugged laptop to carry around on a battlefield, but I guess it is made of stronger materials in 20 years time. It could be a titanium frame and a rugged water resistant keyboard. How much Random Access Memory would a laptop in 2035 even have? A lot I would think. In this screen-shot, the user of this laptop was checking /var/log/syslog to read system log messages. They are certainly keeping an eye on their Linux system whilst in the middle of a fire-fight. That is some admirable Linux dedication.

There are a few Sendmail errors, the user needs to set this up properly if they want their Linux laptop to properly send and receive mail to and from the HQ from the AO to properly deliver critical information that will make or break the mission in question. This is a very cool find though, Linux does appear everywhere in media. That is because it is good.

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