Latest news on the Ubuntu 12.10 Linux distribution. New LightDM login manager for Kubuntu.

Posted: July 31, 2012. At: 9:50 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4347
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There is more news on the Ubuntu front, the distribution has been spotted on the ABC TV Extreme makeover television show. Sure this is just another mindless reality television show, but it is cool that they put Ubuntu out in the open on a popular television show like this. And there is a new LightDM login manager for the Kubuntu distribution, replacing the old KDM login manager. LightDM is the replacement for the Gnome Desktop Manager that Ubuntu used to ship with. Linux Mint has the Mint Desktop Manager that replaced the GDM desktop manager. That is able to be themed just like the old GDM login manager, that is a feature I hope they keep. it is good that Ubuntu gets the attention it deserves, if only they would fix the broken apt-get in 12.10. That is a game breaker when I want to try out the latest Alpha and I can not install my favourite applications. Ubuntu was even mentioned on the CBS television show Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was using his laptop and he mentioned that he was running Ubuntu. You can not see his screen, but that is another mention for Ubuntu. The LightDM login manager present on both Ubuntu and Kubuntu will provide a unified design for both distributions and result in less packages shipped with KDE.

Ubuntu on ABC TV's Extreme Makeover TV show.
Ubuntu on ABC TV’s Extreme Makeover TV show.

But that might result in less bloat, although I prefer KDM on Linux Mint 13. It has just the right options available compared to MDM and LightDM. But hopefully you can still install it through Synaptic or sudo apt-get install kdm. Actually, Synaptic was not available for Ubuntu 12.10 last time I tried it, hopefully they do not remove that application, the Ubuntu Software Centre is no comparison. There are many features of the Ubuntu Software Centre that annoy everyone. But Ubuntu is popular, it has even been spotted in a McDonalds restaurant. Looks like Ubuntu 8.10.

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