Interstellar movie shows real physics when depicting a black hole.

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The new Interstellar movie is one that showcases science in a positive light as the possible saviour of mankind. We do need to find other planets to settle on, but why not settle on Mars? It has sunlight that we could use for generating power and water. But travelling through a wormhole is one way that we could reach other planets in other galaxies. But you need exotic materials to hold a wormhole open. The advanced beings that constructed such a wormhole inside a black hole would have superior control over the massive gravity. The black hole was 100 million times greater in size than our sun and the bending of light created the double image of the ring of debris that was spiralling into the black hole. The black hole itself is spinning at relativistic speed and this is another awesome factor that makes this setting so incredible. Of course, really entering a black hole would be suicide as the massive gravity would drag you apart and you would die a horrible death of spaghettification. This means that you would be torn apart and killed by the gravity.

One of the main themes in this movie is time dilation, the main characters son and daughter are growing older and older as the spaceship moves at high speed away from Earth. Much like the Anime Hoshi No Koe, this involved a character that was travelling under warp drive eight light-years to Sirius, she aged at a much reduced rate and her boyfriend aged normally. The themes of time dilation and the sadness of losing loved ones is one of the key themes that makes this an emotional film. The 5th dimensional tesseract inside the black hole is surprising, this was shown as a library, but this is the only way that a third dimensional being could understand a fifth dimensional space, this would be incomprehensible to a human. I doubt that humans could comprehend a fourth dimensional space. They did leave the move trope of the one evil crew member that is about to take off in the ship and leave the others behind. But you have to build suspense somehow. And rather like the strange blurry man in Sunshine, this works really well.

I hope that in future science fiction films there is as much scientific detail as went into this film. There is an article on Wired that explains all of the reseacha and the incredible amount of data that was generated when rendering the black hole. 800 terabytes of data was generated! This is a detailed explanation of the physics of the black hole and well worth a read for any science fiction fan.

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