Install the fortune program on your Linux machine and have a nice fortune in your terminal.

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To get useful Ubuntu server command line tips in your terminal, firstly install the fortune package and some more fortunes.

┌─[[email protected]]─[~]
└──╼ $sudo apt install fortune fortunes-bofh-excuses fortunes-ubuntu-server

Now run the command to print a random Ubuntu server tip.

┌─[[email protected]]─[~]
└──╼ $fortune ubuntu-server-tips
If you want to download a file from a URL via the console, you can use the
command 'wget http://address/to/file.tar'

Now add this command anywhere in your .bashrc file. I added it near the top.

fortune ubuntu-server-tips

Now you will get a random tip whenever the terminal is opened.

Random fortune in MATE Terminal.
Random fortune in MATE Terminal.

That is how easy it is to print a random tip that will help you learn Linux. This will be very useful for all Linux users.

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