India are planning to send a probe to Mars. Nasa does not have a monopoly on Mars missions.

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India`s launch facility. This will hopefully launch the Mars mission.
India`s launch facility. This will hopefully launch the Mars mission.

India are planning to send a probe to Mars, this will only be an orbiting probe to take photos of the surface of Mars and send them back to Earth. This is very interesting, with the tech boom in India, they are really moving ahead, the formerly third world country is now accelerating into the space age. This project is said to only cost $80,000,000, this is not as much as a NASA mission, but this is a very important step towards understanding the Red Planet. This on top of the Chinese space walk and the other Indian mission that found evidence of water on the Moon. But even the planet Mercury, closest to the Sun has ice in craters on the poles. If you wanted to colonize Mercury, the poles would be the safest place. But India are not interested in Mercury yet. They are just interested in exploring the surface of the Moon with a future lunar rover that will bring even more detailed pictures of the surface of our grey neighbor. If it photographed the Apollo landing sites and the footprints close up it could shut up the lunar landing conspiracy theorists once and for all.

But knowing them, they would just say that the pictures were faked. Still, the pictures would definitely be worth looking at, the bottom half of the lander would still be sitting there and that would be worth a snapshot or two, as well as the American flags.

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