How the new video dictionary app DIVII helps in English learning?

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Have you ever wondered if you could become proficient in the English language by watching videos and movies on your smartphone? Here’s good news for you. DIVII – English Video Dictionary is here! This cross-platform application helps in learning English by watching subtitled videos. What’s more? You learn every aspect of the language through the app, namely pronunciations, spellings, grammar, examples, reading, and writing. DIVII encourages all-encompassing education process and all of it in an interesting and stress-free manner. Curious about the unique concept of video dictionary app? Read on…

How video dictionary works?

DIVII lets you search and watch videos with English words. When you search with a keyword, you get a list of subtitled videos to choose from. Every video opens exactly at the moment where the searched words or phrases have been used in that particular video. Videos open in repeat mode so that you can focus on word usages better. Just a tap and you can continue watching the whole of the video unhindered. Moreover, you can search dictionary meanings of just any word you come across in video subtitles. Thus, DIVII makes learning a continuous process and not just a horizontal one-way flow.

How subtitles help in learning English?

As already discussed, you can search for dictionary meanings of words from subtitles. In addition to that you can get instant pronunciation guide to those words. You also get text examples of the words you search for.

There’s another benefit of watching subtitled videos – it is easier to follow what is being said in the video. Subtitles are a great help to ESL students who often find it difficult to follow native pronunciations. Reading subtitles also help them to practice reading English. Through subtitled videos, DIVII also has the potential to help hearing impaired students to learn English. Thus, with the new video dictionary it is possible to help students with special needs.

Note and Notebook to help you scribble and practice

If you feel you need to scribble something as you learn, you can use the Note feature of the app. In the Note section you can write anything against the words you searched for. DIVII lets you search for meanings of words and phrases in around 13 languages! Getting meanings in native languages helps in better understanding. Moreover, there is the Notebook where you can save and organise all words you searched for along with their dictionary meanings and examples. You can organise search queries either in curated or customized lists. Thus, you can use the app as your own personalized jotter.

Increasing your vocabulary is also important

Learning English is not restricted to learning words, meanings, and grammar. It is very important to enhance your vocabulary. The more words you know, the more you are fluent in the language. DIVII has curated Vocabulary Lists in its Knowledge Hub section. Resource from Knowledge Hub can also help you to prepare for English tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. And, do not miss the Flash Cards! They are there to help you memorize and retain words better.

DIVII promises to be an app worth installing if you desire to know English like a native. The best part of downloading this app now is that it is still available free! Rush on.

Author’s Bio: Mark is a graphologist who finds his recent interest in the typography of an old English dictionary he came across in his university library. He loves cycling and playing chess in his free time.

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