How to use Kali Linux to crack passwords for a WPA2 network.

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Cracking WPA2 wireless AP with fern WIFI cracker.
Cracking WPA2 wireless AP with fern WIFI cracker.

The Fern WIFI cracking application that is shipped with Kali Linux is a very powerful tool for cracking a wireless network. You will need a wireless password list file to use in conjunction with this application to search for passwords. There are many of these on the Internet; search for one that is as large as possible to ensure that it will contain enough passwords to enable you to attack the networks you are after.

  1. Load fern as root and select the wireless interface that you will be using to crack the network.
  2. Then click the antenna icon to scan for target wireless networks.
  3. Once you have found some wireless networks, select the one that you wish to attack with the WIFI icon.
  4. This will open the attack panel.
  5. Then click the network you wish to attack.
  6. Click the browse button to select a password file.
  7. Once you have added a password file; click the Attack button to begin bruteforcing the WPA2 pasphrase.

This attack could take a very long time to complete depending upon the complexity of the WPA2 passphrase and the amount of passwords in the password file. If you are successful; the WPA2 passphrase will be displayed for you to use. I do not think that my WIFI will be cracked by this program though unless I create another network with a weak PSK. But that will not happen. I am just writing this to illustrate how to attempt this attack. But if you are successful; then more power to you. But you will need a massive password file.

Download a nice one here: 4.4 gigabyte download. Unpacks to 13 Gigabytes.

Attempting to crack WIFI. A little further along now...
Attempting to crack WIFI. A little further along now…

If you wish to generate your own Rainbow Tables for cracking WPA2 networks; you may use this utility. Pyrit. This will generate a huge list of possible passwords using the power of your GPU. The faster the better.

Download it here: This is available for Macintosh OSX, BSD and Linux.

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