How to use Google search in a web browser. This is a bash styled shell for Google searches.

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Check this website out: This website allows you to perform Google searches using a command line like bash. Just type a search query at the command line and the results will be displayed to STDOUT.

Here is an example:> linux shell
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Here is where the fun begins. With the thousands of commands available for the command line user, how can you remember them all? The answer is, you don't.

This is a cool way to show off your command line skills.

There is also a Google command line utility available for Windows and Linux. Get this from here: This allows you to use various Google services from the command line. This does not currently allow Google searches, but this has many other features that make it worth investigating. To install it; download the tar.gz file and unpack it in your home folder.

Then cd into the directory created and execute this command to install:

12:51:55 ~ homer@neo $ su -c 'python install'

The required Python packages will be fetched automatically. This is on Fedora Core 19; but other Linux distributions should manage this just as well.

If all goes well; you should be able to run the google command and get some output.

13:04:59 ~ homer@neo $ google --version
google 0.9.13

Here is an example using Blogger with the command-line. When you execute this command you will be prompted for the name of the blog and then your default browser will open and prompt you for permission for the GoogleCL script to access your Google services.

13:09:35 ~ homer@neo $ google --user johnsmith blogger post --tags "GoogleCL, awesome" "Here's a really short post about the GoogleCL script."
Please specify blog: My Misc Blog.

So, give this a go and see what you think of this script.

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