How to remove the ATI unsupported hardware watermark in Linux Mint 15.

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The ATI “unsupported hardware” watermark is a very annoying sight in Linux Mint 15. Here is how to remove it.

This tip is for anyone who has installed the ATI drivers by typing sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle.

Firstly; download the ATI drivers from the website.

Then move the downloaded file into a new folder and then extract the file.


Then extract the driver package.

./ --extract

Make a backup of your existing /etc/ati/control file.

cp /etc/ati/control /home/homer/Desktop/

And then copy the replacement file into the folder.

sudo cp fglrx-install.t5BiCT/common/etc/ati/control /etc/ati/control

After this, logout and log back into your desktop and the watermark should no longer appear.

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