How to record a time lapse video with Linux Mint 15.

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I had an Android phone hooked up to my router over WIFI and I could connect to it on my PC using the IP Camera app, therefore I wanted to try and record a timelapse video and this is how I did this. The command below was used to capture the time lapse video to a folder full of images.

cvlc -vv --video-filter=scene --vout=dummy --aout=dummy\
 --intf=dummy --scene-format=jpg --scene-ratio=600 --scene-prefix=snap\
 --scene-path=/home/homer/Videos/Webcam v4l2:// vlc://quit

Then I needed to create a text file containing all of the filenames of the captured images.

[email protected] ~/Videos/Webcam $ ls -Ltr > files.txt

This creates a text file with all of the filenames listed on a new line. Then run mencoder to create a video from the timelapse shots.

[email protected] ~/Videos/Webcam $ mencoder -nosound -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -o test.avi -mf type=jpeg:fps=15 mf:[email protected]

And you will get a video file that you may play with mplayer or vlc. This video is poor quality, but this shows what you can do with a webcam and some imagination.

My test timelapse video.

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