How to mount USB drives in Ubuntu without needing root access. This is very easy indeed.

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Mounting a USB drive in Ubuntu without needing root access.

If you want to be able to mount a USB drive in Ubuntu or Linux Mint without clicking the entry in the Nautilus file manager then this post is for you.

Type this command to install the pmount utility.

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install pmount

Then plug in a USB drive and query the kernel to see what the device identifier is. Do this by typing dmesg | tail. If you have only just plugged in the USB drive it will show the device id, e.g /dev/sdj. Then type this command to mount the drive.

[email protected]:~$ pmount /dev/sdj1

This will mount the drive at the /media/sdj1 location and you will then be able to access the files.

The pumount command will then unmount the media when you are finished with it.

[email protected]:~$ pumount /dev/sdj1

This is a very useful command that you could put into a script to mount all of your NTFS drives on startup.

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