How to list the password files on a Macintosh OSX Lion computer.

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This is how to list the password files on a Macintosh machine, but the folder is only readable by the superuser.

Admins-iMac-203:~ admin$ ls -lah /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/
ls: /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/: Permission denied

I was unable to view this content as I was unable to get root permissions on the Macintosh machine I was using today. I am installing Macintosh OSX in Virtualbox on Windows and after that completes I will be able to investigate this further.

More information here:

This is how to show the users password, but this shows it as asterisks. Not sure what the point of this command is…

Admins-iMac-203:~ admin$ dscl
Entering interactive mode... (type "help" for commands)
 > read /Local/Default/Users/admin Password
Password: ********

How to install Macintosh OSX Mountain Lion in Virtualbox on Windows: I followed this guide and it worked perfectly. You just need to properly repair the new partition in Disk Utility before installation.

This is what the installation of Macintosh OSX looks like: A very stylish installer.

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