How to install KDE 4 on Fedora 25 easily.

Installing the KDE 4 desktop on Fedora 25 is very easy. There are package groups that allow installation of desktop environments. This is how to install the KDE desktop environment group.

[root@localhost jason]# dnf install @kde-desktop-environment

This command will fetch and install KDE 4 on Fedora.

Then install the KDM desktop manager.

[root@localhost jason]# dnf install kdm

To enable the KDM desktop manager by default, install this utility and run it to switch the default desktop manager.

[root@localhost jason]# dnf install system-switch-displaymanager

Now we can switch the default login manager to KDM.

[root@localhost jason]# system-switch-displaymanager kdm

I had to reboot after this, and the KDM login manager popped up, ready for me to login.

There is a very nice KDE 4 theme here: Clone this to your home directory and then cd into the directory and then run make install as root to install it. Then run system settings then workspace-appearance and select the theme.

Selecting KDE 4 Plasma theme.
Selecting KDE 4 Plasma theme.

This is very easy.

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