How to have a retro looking terminal on your Linux desktop.

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To get a retro terminal for Linux that looks like an Apple II using an RF adapter to connect to a TV, use this command. This uses the xscreensaver hacks to provide a nice alternative to the boring mate terminal and xterm.

/usr/lib/xscreensaver/apple2 -text -fast -program /bin/bash

This is what I get when using this example, I just wish it could look like a curved CRT screen or a very old virtual terminal connected via serial.

Linux terminal that looks like an Apple II using an RF adapter.
Linux terminal that looks like an Apple II using an RF adapter.

This video shows a demonstration of a VT320 terminal connected to a Linux machine. This would be an interesting way to access a Linux server machine. Need a way to have it as a fullscreen terminal and use it on a CRT monitor and it would be complete. But an orange background would be the best. Just like the terminal in the video.

There is also cool-retro-term. This is a terminal emulator that looks just like a CRT terminal.

Find installation instructions for Fedora 25 here.

Use these commands as root to install this package.

dnf config-manager --add-repo
dnf install cool-retro-term

This is what cool-retro-term looks like running on my Fedora 25 desktop. Very cool app. This is how to get a retro lookalike UNIX terminal on a modern Linux desktop.

Cool-retro-term running on Fedora.
Cool-retro-term running on Fedora.

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