How to get World of Warcraft working on Linux using the WINE application. Running the Windows exe. This posting has some information on how to get the World of Warcraft game working on Linux. The Linux launcher is no longer supported; so the WINE application is the only way to play WoW these days. With patch 5.3 on the way; the game is getting even more improvements and with these steps the Warcraft fans on Linux will not be left out in the cold. The artwork and graphics for this game are awesome; there are incredible wallpapers if you want to dress up your desktop with some fantasy fighters and creatures: Running the game is better than looking at wallpapers and hopefully with this guide you will be able to play WoW on Linux and enjoy some medieval slashing and hacking action. I have never played this game before but it seems like something that I would really enjoy; the only thing is the time you would need to invest to build a character. But it would be a lot of fun to destroy Orcs and defend the existence of the Human race. The new king of the human city is the leader that will lead humanity out of darkness and into the light; but there must be war before we see the light.

The Orc will never be the owner of the kingdom; the Human race is too powerful for that.