How to fix the incorrect time in Linux Mint Debian Edition.

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The time in Linux Mint Debian Edition can be wrong compared to your Windows installation; this is easily fixed though.

Open the /etc/adjtime file in VIM.

vim /etc/adjtime

Then change the last line from UTC to LOCAL as shown below.

deusexmachina ~ # cat /etc/adjtime
0.014261 1405441104 0.000000

Then save the file and the changes will be ready to be applied immediately.

Run the hwclock command as root to set the proper time.

deusexmachina ~ # hwclock -s

And use the date command to see the new time setting.

deusexmachina ~ # date
Wednesday 16 July  21:11:21 EST 2014

That is how easy it is to fix the time in LMDE. And you do not need a re-boot either.

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