How to copy a file to the Internet to share it with others easily without using Pastebin.

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This Linux command will copy the text file given, “myfile.txt” and send it to the website. This allows you to share a text file with others without too much fuss.

curl -F 'sprunge=<myfile.txt'

You may also install the PastebinCL utility on Fedora 19, this allows you to upload text to Pastebin from the command line. To compile this on Fedora 19 you need the curl development headers installed.

yum install curlpp-devel.x86_64

Then you can unpack the source tarball and type “make” to compile it. Then run the pastebincl binary and then paste text in the blank space and press Ctrl-D to submit it to pastebin. You will need a developer API key to compile the pastebincl code. You may create an account on the website and then get your key from

06:38:38 ~/Documents/pastebincl-1.0 homer@neo $ ./pastebincl 
# Ensure the Desktop folder exist
if [ -e mydir ]; then
	echo "The folder exists."
	mkdir mydir
Warning: couldn't open file /home/homer/.pastebinclrc. Run 'pastebincl --usergen' to be able to post as a registered user.
Submitting paste...
Paste submitted successfully!

These are two good ways to paste text from your Linux machine to the Internet quickly. Try these out and see how you go with them.

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