How to convert a Wikipedia article to a text file using the Linux command line.

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The wikipedia2text command allows a command line user on Debian to output the contents of a Wikipedia article to a text file on your hard drive.

Install this command this way:

[email protected]:~/Documents$ sudo apt-get install wikipedia2text

Then convert an article this way.

[email protected]:~/Documents$ wikipedia2text Debian > Debian.txt

I enter the name of the article I am looking for instead of the URL. This creates a very readable text file and this is a great way to save an article that the user may read with less or VIM.

Use this command to open a random page for reading.

[email protected]:~/Documents$ wikipedia2text -r | less

And this is how to retrieve just the URL of the page.

jason@darkstar:~/Documents$ wikipedia2text -u UNIX

Specify the language with the -l parameter thusly:

[email protected]:~/Documents$ wikipedia2text -l de -r

This is therefore a very useful tool for a Linux user who wishes to save information from Wikipedia to their hard drive for later reference.

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