Good hardware deals from Newegg and Linux to support UEFI Secure Boot.

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2x 16 Gigabytes of RAM for only 67.99.

This is a good deal; only 67.99 for 16 Gigabytes of RAM. Since the average motherboard only support 32 Gigabytes of RAM in total; this means that with all four RAM slots filled you could install the maximum amount of RAM in your motherboard relatively cheaply. If you purchase a quality motherboard like the ASRock Z77 motherboard; then 4 Gigabytes or RAM is bundled with it for free. This motherboard deal only costs 134.99 and is worth the price if you jump in quickly and snap this up. This is not a paid post; I am just looking for some good deals that my readers might be interested in. I am hesitating to recommend any motherboards with the new UEFI BIOS; but Linux will have support for that quite soon. The Fedora Linux distribution is planning to have support for Secure Boot. This means that users will be able to boot a Linux distribution on a computer with a UEFI BIOS.

ASRock motherboard.

The UEFI BIOS is not a bad system as long as the developers of Linux distributions like Ubuntu; Fedora and Linux Mint are allowed to boot their distributions on those motherboards. Otherwise your only choice would be to use Windows 8. And that would not be a good thing at all. it is important that free and open source operating systems exist; they offer greater security and reliability than other operating systems like Windows and the Macintosh operating system that has been plagued by malicious software of late. For backup purposes; this external drive housing would be a good choice. You stick the hard drive in the slot at the top like a Nintendo and then you are ready to start backing up your data. This is a different design from other drive housings but it means that the drive is not sealed inside a plastic box with no ventilation as some drive housings force you to do. Keeping your hard drives cool and not letting them overheat will make sure they last a long time.

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