Gnome Shell whining and our journey into idiocracy.

Posted: April 12, 2012. At: 2:10 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 3120
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The Windows 2505 interface?
The Windows 2505 interface?

The Gnome Shell desktop is still getting flak after all this time, the tablet interface is not suited to the desktop at all. But if you do not like the desktop install another one and then you will be happier. The constant whining about whether the Linux desktop is going downhill is grating. At least we do not have an Idiocracy styled Metro desktop that is far too childish looking for my liking. I hope the KDE desktop does not adopt such an ugly Fisher-Price interface design that is going to backfire on Microsoft severely. If they adopt the Metro interface solely for Windows 9, then it will truly a sign that Idiocracy has come true; the education system in the Homeland is already heading this way, I have heard of a case where a school was penalized for having a book on grammar! WTF? And with the brainless television shows that most of the people watch such as American Idol and Jersey Shore. Even the news is only a couple of minutes of real news and the rest is mindless entertainment news about the Kardashians or the latest exploits of the drug addicted television stars assault charges. Heaven Forbid that people would ever read a book and learn something about the world at large. Like the old joke about the Americans that think that Europe is a country. Sure, they have a unified currency the Euro, but they are still separate countries. The retarded television shows like CSI do not help, with their magical technology and tera-pixel cameras that can zoom in on a single screw holding on a license plate and then see a persons face in the reflection. Then they can use facial recognition technology to identify the person.

That is quite fanciful considering the resolution of real security cameras. Terapixel cameras would cost billions and would not be used as basic security infrastructure, that does not make sense. Do you want to watch what is passing through your eth0 port whilst you are browsing the Internet or performing other network tasks? The below command will perform this task. Simply run this command in an xterm and then open a browser window and the whole process of loading a web page will be revealed.

sudo tcpdump
Idiocracy television display. We are not far from this future.
Idiocracy television display. We are not far from this future.

Very cool to watch too. More interesting than watching reality television. People watch too much of that and are dumbed down by it and everywhere there are the signs of this happening. The movie Idiocracy was a very prescient film with the giant television screen taken up with giant advertisements and a small space in the center for the actual television show. With the violent TV that is on at the moment it will not be long until we have a real version of Ow my balls! The violence channel will come into being soon and then our descent into the nadir of human civilization will be complete. the Jersey Shore has characters with ridiculous nick-names that is just as retarded as the characters in the Idiocracy movie. And of course Jackass and all of those other retarded television shows are paralleling the Ow my balls television show pretty well. And the Funniest Home Videos show that makes fun of babies, adults and elderly people injuring themselves in hilarious ways. We just need President Comacho and our journey will be complete. I agree with the poster on the linked page, it is no wonder that many people hate America, it is truly the dumbest country in the world. Actually, the Funniest Home Videos show is tied for the most similar show to Ow my balls. it is truly dumbed down television and is not a credit to any country to have created this show. Maybe it would not be a bad thing if a giant super-volcano blew up California. if a giant Yellowstone volcano opened up under the Jersey Shore and melted everyone, it would be doing the world a favor.

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