Giant gas giant planet discovered orbiting a dual star system.

Posted: June 19, 2016. At: 8:52 PM. This was 1 year ago. Post ID: 9317
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A giant gas giant planet has been discovered orbiting a dual star system 3700 light-years from Earth. This is a very long distance indeed. Traveling at 800 million miles per hour it would take 3102 years to reach this planet. Due to the large size of the exoplanet, it would have massive gravity that would have a massive gravity well. But it could have a moon or moons that could be a good place to build a habitat. But they would be unlikely places to find life. Although, this planet is a safe enough distance from the star, it is too massive to harbor life. If it is the same mass as Jupiter, it would have 8 times the gravity of Earth, but if it is a solid planet, it would have far higher gravity and would smash flat any craft that tried to land.

But we do not have the technology to get to the planet anyway, we cannot travel at millions of miles per minute, so we cannot get there anytime soon. Maybe in the year 100,000 we will have warp drive technology or we can fold space and travel there instantly. Traveling at 800 billion miles per hour it would only take 1133 days to get there, 161.8 weeks, that is doable storing a lot of food and growing more en-route. Maybe an interstellar ram-scoop ship, that could travel to the center of the Milky Way galaxy in 25 years, but 50,000 years would pass back on Earth, since they are accelerating at 1g, this would provide gravity and this would keep the crew fit and healthy for the journey.

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