FVWM Crystal is the best Window manager.

Posted: April 11, 2011. At: 10:21 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1227
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FVWM Crystal Debian desktop. This is a screenshot of the FVWM Crystal desktop I am running on Debian Linux. This is the latest desktop I am trying out and it is the best so far, I was getting annoyed with the Enlightenment E17 desktop and I installed this instead and it is faster and very light on memory as well. Gnome 3 is far too demanding of system resources and it is good to use a lighter and faster desktop to enjoy you computer at it’s full capacity without any problems. Fluxbox is also a very fast Window manager and a newer version of the Blackbox window manager, with new features that are very useful for a modern desktop. KDE 4.6 will have many improvements to the way it is used, but it will always be inferior to the versions from 2.2 to 3.4 that were the best versions of KDE to be installed on your computer, The Windows 7 interface is much better than the KDE 4.5 desktop and is much faster than KDE nowadays and has many cool keyboard shortcuts. The Windows Key + Left & Right keys combination to move windows is awesome, it is about time that Windows included Compiz styled keyboard shortcuts to make using the desktop even easier. But there are always desktops like FVWM, Fluxbox or Lxde to move to once Gnome and KDE get too bloated. And that is the good thing about Linux, you have the choice to use a different desktop if you do not like the one the distribution like Ubuntu or Linux Mint came with out of the box. The point of Linux is freedom which differentiates it from the other OS that locks you into one environment. But Windows XP is still going strong even though it is quite dated and useless by now and practically abandon-ware status, but it is still popular. A huge majority of my visitors use Windows XP and I guess it works well for most people, but I prefer something more up to date and running Debian Unstable is actually very stable and very fast, faster than OpenSuse and Ubuntu.

Windows 7 Ultimate with Microsoft Security Essentials is secure enough for day to day usage, I got the Cornficker worm on my machine and MSE stopped and removed the virus automatically. That is very good for a free product. Microsoft have got things right with that anti-spyware program that is for sure, it does an excellent job of preventing security risks to your Windows installation and stopping viruses in their tracks. Sure, Linux is more secure than Windows, but Doom Builder 2 will not run on Linux with Wine, so I need to run Windows to be able to run that. Another portion of my visitors run Windows Server 2008, that is not something I have run before, I have run Windows Server 2003 R2 and that was OK, but not as stable as Windows 7. I have used Windows since Windows 3.0 and I could not have imagined something as good as 7, Windows `95 was quite a good operating system and then I ran Windows `98 and I even registered my installation with Microsoft. Never again, I do not see the point of that, I would rather register as a Debian user as that is what I am running now and my website is about freedom after all, and Debian is a free operating system. If there had never been a Linux or UNIX operating system in the past and there was only IBM DOS and then Microsoft, the world would be a very sad place, without software freedom and free as in beer software, where the ingredients are easily accessible by anyone who visits kernel.org and downloads the Linux kernel source code, their would not be as many websites as their would be no LAMP servers like mine running WordPress and computers would be destined to run unstable and insecure Windows server software instead. That would be a very dark and dreary world to live in indeed. The world would also have been an interesting place if there had been no Microsoft Corporation and the current operating system in place of Windows was IBM DOS and the Geoworks GUI. That would be quite interesting and could spark quite a lot of discussion over which is the better interface. Geoworks even had AOL advertising on the desktop just like Windows `98!

Windows 3.0 launched in 1990 and brought a whole new GUI to the computer desktop, with Windows that could be dragged around and resized. That was quite a cool thing even though the Xerox Star System had that type of thing in 1981 that had icons on the screen, a mouse, folders and Ethernet networking. If Microsoft had never eventuated, then that system could have been the computer of the present day. That would have been amazing to play Doom on such a machine in 1993 instead of playing on MSDOS 5 or 6.22. That would be incredible, but would the company that handled the Xerox system in 2011 have developed monopolistic practices by now or would they stay a good and just company like the Free Software Foundation? Maybe Microsoft are losing their relevance in these days of Cloud computing and increasing use of mobile devices to browse the web they need to innovate or be left behind and the solution to that is not to squeeze the competition out of the picture and then take over with your own product, they need to bring out something even more revolutionary for Windows 8 and Windows 9. but it is good to reminisce about the past and what we used way back then, I remember my first computer I used, it was a Trs 80 PC that was the first real PC I ever used and very good it was too.

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Here is a page of information that might help you out, I would think Xinerama would help with that, but I have never used dual monitors before.


Gnome is getting quite annoying to me as well, and therefore I moved to fvwm-crystal. Setting up dual monitors should be easier on Linux, but see if that helps you and get back to me if you need more help.

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