FPS game Metro Last Light coming to Linux later this year. Another quality game on this free OS.

Posted: September 1, 2013. At: 8:40 AM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6188
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The quality FPS game Metro Last Light is coming to Linux later this year. This is a AAA title that showcases the quality graphics that modern computers have to offer gamers. There will be additional downloadable content to accompany this title. There will be many, many games available for Linux soon; this is one of many. Linux therefore will become a quality gaming OS and Windows will become less and less relevant. I was trying to get Far Cry 3 running on Windows 8.1 and I kept getting errors saying that the game had stopped working with not much of an explanation of why. In Linux you can run a program in GDB and get it to crash and then you can find out why as long as it has debugging symbols built in to the code. That is why developing on Linux is such a fulfilling enterprise. That is why so many game developers love creating applications for Linux. Linux; being a great desktop operating system is well regarded these days due to the greater security it has compared to Windows. And it is more stable and reliable. Making it a perfect gaming OS.

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