Fedora 17 Linux distribution available for download. How to add non-free codecs and MP3 support.

Posted: June 10, 2012. At: 5:53 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 4052
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Fedora Linux desktop with Gnome Shell.
Fedora Linux desktop with Gnome Shell.

The Fedora 17 Linux distribution has been released with Gnome Shell 3.4.1, Gimp 2.8 and software rendering available for the Gnome Shell desktop, negating the need for the Gnome Shell fall-back desktop if your hardware does not offer proper hardware rendering for the Gnome desktop. Various non-free codecs such as MP3 support, Adobe flash and other multimedia codecs are not available by default in the Fedora repositories, but you may install these codecs by entering this command at the command prompt as the superuser: su -c ‘yum -y –nogpgcheck install http://dnmouse.org/autoplus-1.4-5.noarch.rpm’ then run the autoplus command and it will allow you to install the multimedia codecs and play your music and DVD collection. The autoplus command installs the RPM Fusion repositories and uses them to install the various components for enjoying your Xvid movie collection.

The Libdvdcss library for playing DVD`s might not be available, but you may download the latest release here: http://download.videolan.org/pub/libdvdcss/1.2.9/. Unpack this tarball by typing tar -jxvf libdvdcss-1.2.9.tar.bz2 then enter the folder and compile the library by typing ./configure then make and make install. Make sure that your /usr/local/lib folder is known as a library folder by editing the /etc/ld.so.conf file and adding the /usr/local/lib folder. Then run the su -c ‘ldconfig’ command to update the dynamic linker. There are a few options for downloading the Fedora distribution, go here to find the flavor of Fedora you wish to use: https://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-options. There are some DVD ISO images available here with a bittorrent download option: https://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-all.

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