Far Cry 4 in production. Could this game be even better than the third incarnation?

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The PC game Far Cry 4 is in production. This game could be even better than Far Cry 3. One thing that must be fixed in this game is the draw distance. In Arma 3 you can snipe people from 3 kilometers away. This is slightly unrealistic but possible with a big enough supersonic round. The draw distance in Far Cry 3 was appalling. When you modified the game to remove the blurry distance rendering, the draw distance was quite apparent. Compare this with Arma 3 where you can see 20 kilometers in any direction. That is what Far Cry 4 should have. And more areas that are left occupied by the enemy after you have taken over the outposts. This would make the game more challenging. There should also be more patrols in the wilderness that could surprise the player. The addition of helicopters added a new dimension to the game though, you could be attacked by them when the privateers called for reinforcements. Then you would have to find shelter very quickly. Another thing that I liked about Far Cry 3 was the ability to glide with a glider from one island to another. That was done by going to the very top of the north island and looking for a blue and grey glider. This would take you all the way to the south island. Then you could go to the very top of the south island and glide right back again.

Far Cry 2 HD graphics.
Far Cry 2 HD graphics.

Maybe Far Cry 4 could have para-sailing as well. Just Cause 2 had this feature. I wonder how big the game world will be in the fourth game. Could it be larger than Arma 3 and have the same draw distance? Hopefully it will have graphics that actually make use of the advanced hardware in a modern PC. This screenshot from Arma 3 shows what a modern PC can do. I liked the missions in the third game, but I wish that the graphics were better. Having a good draw distance would allow longer range sniping. The main problem is due to running with Directx 11 instead of Directx 9, but I am sure the next game will fix this. The one annoyance I have with the co-op mode is that it seems you can kill your teammates if you shoot them accidentally. This should not be possible. The multi-player mode should be setup so that you cannot accidentally kill those on your side. That would make the game more fun. And since there is a seeming rash of multi-player hacking and cheating, Ubisoft need to find a way to address this problem in the next game. That would make the game more fun online.

Another thing is that in Far Cry 3 you cannot get back to the camp where you are imprisoned by Vaas. It is on a separate island far off of the upper right of the gameworld. One of those islands that you cannot get to. This posting explains this: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/912452-start-game-village/?p=7393875. The out of bounds border is in between those islands and the game world. So you cannot get to them. Same with the co-op maps. This is another thing that they should not do in Far Cry 4. I wanted to go back and sit in the cage for a while and look around the camp. But it is impossible. Still, the hotel where you rescue Lisa is able to be visited. This is near Cradle Gas. But you cannot get inside. I have posted some cheats and tips for Far Cry 3 here: http://www.securitronlinux.com/linux/misc_codes.php#farcry3. I have posted a link on that page that explains how to unlock the Wingsuit and the south island at the start of the game. This is a heap of fun, you can go there and get the Bushman and the Z93 for free. With the Z93 and a sound suppressor you can kill a privateer heavy with one shot to the head and get 240 XP. Once I got 900 XP by killing three heavies with one grenade.

The world of Far Cry 4 should be set somewhere else, but somewhere that is attractive and with wide expanses of grasslands and huge mountains. That would allow very long hang-glider flights. Far Cry 2 was and incredible game due to the African setting and the savannah grasslands that allowed fire to be useful as a weapon. That game too had problems with the draw distance. But it was greater than that in Far Cry 3. That was too much like a console game. The ability to place C4 on vehicles and blow them up was very cool. The player could also place C4 in cease fire zones and then blow up the town from a safe place. The C4 in Far Cry 3 was detonated one after the other and not all at once. This lessens the impact. Getting back to the graphics, the draw distance in Far Cry 2 is pretty good, but not suited to extreme long range sniping. There are good vantage points in this game, but you cannot shoot the enemy from extreme range as you can in Arma III. But I guess Far Cry is not about that. Still, people want to have that feature. I want more enemy emplacements to attack. They could have respawning enemies that would keep the player entertained in between missions. I did not mind the fact that you were locked into a mission area until you have completed it. If you avoid the area you can continue with hunting and gaining XP until you are ready. If Far Cry 4 is to be a success, they need to remove the limits on the Dunia engine and make something akin to Arma III that has a massive gameworld with a giant draw distance.

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Since Ubisoft started using UPLAY service, I will not buy any more games from them (anyway, FC3 is not as good as FC2)

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