Dredd 2012 movie shows the Simple Metacity theme and nmap and top usage.

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Dredd nmap usage.
Dredd nmap usage.

The 2012 Dredd movie shows a computer expert that is intending to use Nmap against port 22; which is the standard port that SSH uses. He wants to be able to trace Dredd when he next uses an information terminal. He uses this command against the network to find Dredd:

nmap -p 22 --open -sV

This means that there is a /29 network with 32 usable subnets available, 6 hosts per sub-net and a total of 192 usable hosts in the network. This means that there must be a massive network covering the whole building, but they are separate networks. This is shown to be the case when Ma-Ma destroys part of the building with ultra speed .50 caliber mini-guns firing at about 6000 RPM; the individual networks go down one by one. That meant that the necessary surveillance network went down very quickly. The host he is scanning resolves as the address alex.peachtrees.com (; this is obviously a server that manages the information terminal network. It is very good that Nmap and Linux are shown correctly in this movie.

Another shot of the Dredd Linux desktop.
Another shot of the Dredd Linux desktop.

No stupid computer usage like the execrable movie Swordfish and Skyfall. The Metacity Linux desktop also has a program named Memview running; which is rather like Conky. At least the IP addresses do not begin with 934. That was a very stupid scene in Iron Man 3. Will the Iron Man 4 movie bring more retardation? Anyway; this is quite an enjoyable film; the setting of 90% of the film in one building actually worked to great effect. South Africa was a very good setting for a post-apocalyptic action movie. Read more about the Linux scenes here: http://unsolicitedbutoffered.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/linux-on-film-dredd-2012.html.

Here is some information about the Peach Trees network.

[email protected]:~$ sipcalc
-[ipv4 :] - 0
Host address		-
Host address (decimal)	- 3319086880
Host address (hex)	- C5D53F20
Network address		-
Network mask		-
Network mask (bits)	- 29
Network mask (hex)	- FFFFFFF8
Broadcast address	-
Cisco wildcard		-
Addresses in network	- 8
Network range		- -
Usable range		- -
3 responses to “Dredd 2012 movie shows the Simple Metacity theme and nmap and top usage.

@John Cartwright This is supposed to be a futuristic movie. 12329096 KB divided by (1024 MB * 1024 GB) is less than 12 GB of RAM. While this would be quite a lot of RAM for TODAY, this would be NOTHING in the future (as you can easily have 16+ GB on a home system or 64+ GB on a server).
Otherwise, I did enjoy the correct commands implemented in the movie (namely nmap).

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