Creepy wallpapers for your Linux desktop. Good new look for 2017.

Posted: January 1, 2017. At: 10:32 AM. This was 9 months ago. Post ID: 10137

There are quite a few creepy and scary wallpaper options for your Linux desktop. I am going to present a few here that are good for fans of urban exploration.

Prypyat town center abandoned after the accident.

A bird's eye view of the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine

Very creepy fog picture.

The fog

Creepy looking sewer photos. These are taken by using a long exposure and then using a flashgun to light up the area.

Macro drain, Bradford, UK

Old abandoned church in Ireland.

Part Two: Ruined Church in Ireland (Interior)

The Upside Down

Very old sewer tunnel photograph. One of the oldest sewer systems in the world.

Cloaca Maxima – one of the world's earliest sewage systems, constructed c. 600 BC in Rome [1800×1200]

Old mental asylum.

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