Black Mesa Source. The free open version of the Valve Half Life game available for Linux. Running with Wine.

Posted: September 17, 2012. At: 8:39 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4575
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Black Mesa Source engine and Hoover Dam.
Black Mesa Source engine and Hoover Dam.

The old Half Life game by the Valve game studio has been released as an open game using the Source engine available in the Steam store. This is an entirely new game that revitalizes the ancient adventures of Gordon Freeman and brings it to a whole new generation of gamers. A project like this that brings another quality gaming product to the various Linux gamers that are thirsty for a new gaming experience. The multiplayer games Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 are available for Linux, but sadly the UT 2007 release is Windows only. But the Half Life game and Opposing force are two quality games that deserve to come to Linux and run on a more stable and reliable operating system. Here is to hoping that more quality games come to Linux as well as Windows. Sure this game is running with Wine, but hopefully this will be ported with proper Linux binaries soon.

More information here: Black Mesa Source.

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