Bethesda shows off a DOS styled teaser during E3.

Posted: June 13, 2016. At: 6:37 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 9255
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Bethesda DOS prompt styled E3 teaser.
Bethesda DOS prompt styled E3 teaser.

This is a teaser that Bethesda momentarily showed during the E3 entertainment expo. This is hinting at a possible Wolfenstein 3D reboot? That would be very special indeed. The date for New Colossus is not set, this is possibly a future Bethesda game based on Wolfenstein. ID Software made Return to Castle Wolfenstein and a future reboot would be a chance to expend the story and explain why the heck they had mech robots in the previous Wolfenstein game. Another possible reboot could be Commander Keen, but only older gamer`s would even know what that is. His famous appearance in Doom2 Hell on earth was a very funny easter egg. But, since this easter egg signified the death of Commander Keen, maybe this is wishful thinking. Anyway, I am waiting to see what Bohemia are going to unveil. The new APEX expansion looks incredible and will bring many more features to the PC game Arma 3.

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