Best free OpenVPN service to use on Linux.

Posted: January 19, 2017. At: 10:46 AM. This was 8 months ago. Post ID: 10211

The website hosts OpenVPN config bundles and offers a very good VPN service that gives you an IP address in the UK. this would be good if you are wishing to hide your identity online. I have used this and it works a treat on Fedora 25. Just run openvpn as root and point it to the certificate file. Download the certificate bundles here: I was using before, but their cert bundles will not connect anymore, so I had to look for an alternative. But this is very cool. Good way to access the Internet without revealing your home IP address to the world.

Just extract to a new folder and connect like this.

[[email protected] VPN]# openvpn --config

The certificate bundle does use 64bit ciphers instead of 128bit, but it is still fairly secure, good for browsing UK sites that are only available to UK Internet users.

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