Awesome themes that would suit a modern KDE 5 desktop.

Windows 7 and KDE 5 side by side.
Windows 7 and KDE 5 side by side.


Oxygen GTK, a port of the KDE Oxygen theme to GTK:

Aeri 5.0. This is a flat and light theme inspired by mobile and tablet operating system interfaces:

Kawai. A very smooth and sleek KDE theme:

Descartes Breeze:

Soft Metal:

Lightning Unified QtCurve:

Polyester 1.0.4:


KDM themes.

Clean 1.0. A very simplistic and nice KDM theme:

Elegant Air KDM theme:

SoftGreen KDM Theme:


Misurina lake Lavaredo hights – dolomiti:

Colored larches in Ulten:

Fantasy Space wallpaper:×1080.jpg.

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