Awesome GTK themes for Linux Mint 15. Some even better themes for Linux desktops.

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Some awesome themes for the Linux Mint 15 MATE desktop.

Numix: This is a very nice flat theme for MATE that is very monochome and stylish.

Clearlooks Phenix: This is a GTK 3 port of the venerable Clearlooks theme.

Holo: This is a very good theme that mimics the look of the Google Android theme.

Ice Cream Sandwich GTK theme:

Ice Cream Sandwich GTK theme.
Ice Cream Sandwich GTK theme.

MintLiner GTK 3 theme: A beautiful GTK theme that is perfect for a Linux Mint user.

Autumn GTK theme: This theme resembles the Ubuntu Ambience theme. Very nice theme too.

Full flat GTK theme: Bueno! This theme is cool.

Siva Flat 1.3.0 GTK theme: Another very good flat GTK theme for Gnome Shell or MATE.

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