Australian piracy to be curbed with large fines for illegal downloads of Game Of Thrones and other shows.

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This is the beginning of the end for the Internet if the Attorney-General George Brandis gets his way. There are a large number of people downloading the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones, but this is a massively popular TV show. The battle at the wall was well worth watching. People want the episodes as soon as possible and not when FOXTEL decides to screen them, this is due to other commitments that they have like work or study. So punishing downloaders for loading Bittorrent and downloading a series of GOT is unfair. There are other things to worry about such as the proliferation of scams on the Internet and NSA monitoring of web traffic. Although, if you are not a terrorist or an enemy of the state, you have nothing to worry about regarding your online presence. Sure, Facebook put tracking cookies in your browser that track your online travels, but if you press Ctrl-Shift-Del in Firefox, and click Details, you may clear your cookies. This is wrong though, maybe people will go into and orgy of downloading if they think the end is nigh. Rather like the Simpsons, if the lights go out for one second, everyone starts smashing everything in an orgy of destruction. So I think that there will be a large number of people downloading as much as they can before the end.

So this will actually increase piracy. I would be very upset if I had to miss out on Game Of Thrones. I am downloading Season 1 and I am going to catch up on all of the episodes. Once I am done with that then I may then download Season 2 and three. Best to get what you can if this is going to come into law. Punishing illegal downloaders is the wrong thing to do. It just wastes time. Large fines for downloading a TV series seems like an unfair punishment. This is not what we should be putting into law. Internet users will always find a way around this. You could find a Bittorrent friendly VPN and download through that. I am sure if this is passed, there will be plenty of online services that will spring into existence allowing anonymous downloading and bypassing any government restriction of the Internet. In China, the piracy is even worse than Australia, they sell cheap copies of everything imaginable on the street, but they are not going after them are they? Just Australians, but we are forced to wait longer than America to get ahold of TV shows and movies, so of course we will pirate them, we do not want to wait ages for Free To Air Television to screen a TV show or for it to appear on the overpriced FOXTEL service.

That is the truth of the matter.

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